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Trains, trains, and more trains

The RoadMap towards a greener future

I recently came across an awesome new site, recent graduate of the Dogpatch Labs incubator in New York City - Practically Green.(www.PracticallyGreen.com)

Practically Green is an awesome too to help see how “green” your life is, as well as, diagnose your problem areas, and set you on a course for a greener future.

They utilize a diagnostic tool that provides users with a “current” status on their green living, as well as a proprietary engine that generates a customized set of recommendations designed to help people reduce energy, save water, reduce exposure to household toxins, and preserve natural resources. The service also allows to share with their friends and neighbors via their personal online social networks.

An awesome tool to find simple ways to Greenify your life!

The booming Market - High-Speed Rail

Hello all, and Happy New Year!

Its been a while since my last post, but I wanted to come back to 2012 FRESH! And with awesome news for you!

Recently, I read some great material on the emergence of high-speed rail systems throughout Europe, the UK, and Asia.

These things are AWESOME! With speeds of up to 250mph, there are sure to change the way we think about traveling.

The EU and UK just signed off on a new 250 billion dollar cross-continental high-speed rail. This is undoubtedly going to change the way people travel across Europe and into the UK, drastically cutting down the emission caused by domestic travel.

They noted that in 2009, there were a little over 3900 kilometers of rail. And by 2020, there will be over 9000 kilometers of rail systems running throughout Europe.

Can you say…WOW!


The Marshmallow Experiment

—> Why are we so fixated on short term rewards rather than long term benefits??

The NEW face of Mappin

The last couple weeks, Mappin has been going through major surgical changes.

In light of the recent trends, the flurry of social travel startups, and the push into a “greener”, more sustainable world — Mappin has gone GREEN!

Welcome to the new face of Mappin!

Our all new destination journey planner finds the best End-to-End routes for your journey, searching all combinations of transportation (Flight, Trains, Ferrys, and Auto routes), all while calculating your carbon footprint!

You can optimize your search by selecting the Fastest / Cheapest / or most carbon-friendly routes. With Mappin, you no longer need to waste time searching though loads of travel websites to find the best routes, and organizing all that trip info!! We do it for you! :)


We are building a loyalty program to reward eco-friendly behavior to promote a sustainable travel community!

At Mappin, we believe that people should be rewarded for there “green” behaviors…and why not!! Your doing a good deed - you deserve it!!

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      The Mappin Team

The NEW face of Mappin!!!

The NEW face of Mappin!!!

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